Babes on a Plane

Dogs, preschool, painting DnD minis, Michaelmas, fundraising shenanigans, babes on a plane.


Reddit Fundraising Post:

Babes on a Plane:

Award Winning Author Carey Helmick

Carey & Kyle discuss Carey’s first published article and a lawsuit against Popeyes for running out of Chicken Sandwiches. Joseph OWNS Dad.

Carey’s Piece (!!!!):

Marion Stokes:

Jeopardy Guy Tweet:

Pope yes:


Babies in Public

We talk about Dadding and Nursing in Public, a time capsule, and holding babies in New Zealand. We’re against wasting food. Joey babbles in a box.

Dadding in Public:

Leftover food:

Time capsule with nothing inside:

Breastfeeding mother:

Babyholding New Zealand Speaker:


1 Year!!

We discuss being parents of two for a year, having Fathers Anthony and Harrison have Mass at our place, pregnant pandas, In-N-Out in New York, CANCELLING Amazon,  Pushing Daisies, Good Omens, Kyle quizzes Carey about Shrek. Rory says “In This Economy”

panda pregnancy mystery:

pandas fake pregnancy apparently:
in-n-out burger in NYC
Shrek VHS tape:


Hot Hot Hot New Content

Podcast celebrating one year of podcast, having a surprisingly good discussion about the Americans With Disabilities Act, explaining our children’s newest feats, getting mad at a school district for trying to use children as collateral.


Spicy Nuggs Podcast:

Top/Worst (Whatever):

Wendy’s Finger Lady arrested again:

Wendy’s ADA Lawsuit:

99 Percent Invisible on Curb Cuts:

school lunch debt update: