Sending Rory to Baby Harvard

We talk about Snowplow Parenting, the weather, Rory’s inquisitiveness, and Joseph’s chonkiness. Rory reads Green Eggs & Ham.


an obituary on Hal Fishman for anyone who’s weirdly interested (I was 15 when he died, not 9. my entire childhood is one big blur to me apparently):

I cannot for the life of me find the National Geographic show with the lizard character. Someone help?

Also I’m bummed I went with the name “when would you file?” when I could have gone with “Ready Aim File”.

In-N-Out sues Puma:

Youtube shuts down comments on kids videos:

Silly letter from Principal on Momo:

Frisbee dog record breaker (doesn’t appear to be wearing a bandana, but we won’t call the cops if you don’t):