Babes on a Plane

Dogs, preschool, painting DnD minis, Michaelmas, fundraising shenanigans, babes on a plane.


Reddit Fundraising Post:

Babes on a Plane:

Award Winning Author Carey Helmick

Carey & Kyle discuss Carey’s first published article and a lawsuit against Popeyes for running out of Chicken Sandwiches. Joseph OWNS Dad.

Carey’s Piece (!!!!):

Marion Stokes:

Jeopardy Guy Tweet:

Pope yes:


Babies in Public

We talk about Dadding and Nursing in Public, a time capsule, and holding babies in New Zealand. We’re against wasting food. Joey babbles in a box.

Dadding in Public:

Leftover food:

Time capsule with nothing inside:

Breastfeeding mother:

Babyholding New Zealand Speaker:


1 Year!!

We discuss being parents of two for a year, having Fathers Anthony and Harrison have Mass at our place, pregnant pandas, In-N-Out in New York, CANCELLING Amazon,  Pushing Daisies, Good Omens, Kyle quizzes Carey about Shrek. Rory says “In This Economy”

panda pregnancy mystery:

pandas fake pregnancy apparently:
in-n-out burger in NYC
Shrek VHS tape:


Hot Hot Hot New Content

Podcast celebrating one year of podcast, having a surprisingly good discussion about the Americans With Disabilities Act, explaining our children’s newest feats, getting mad at a school district for trying to use children as collateral.


Spicy Nuggs Podcast:

Top/Worst (Whatever):

Wendy’s Finger Lady arrested again:

Wendy’s ADA Lawsuit:

99 Percent Invisible on Curb Cuts:

school lunch debt update:

hashbrown law


Joseph’s crawling, Rory’s basically an adult now, that one dude is going to win jeopardy forever, and we talk about school lunches and the unfairly divided job of being a parent. Rory sings What a Wonderful World.

Illegal jeopardy wagers:
Hash brown guy:
School lunches:
Daycares call moms:

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day! We discuss our first Valentine’s Day, traditions, Joseph’s locomotion, chocolate, and the death (and revival) of Candy Hearts.

neutral network candy hearts:

country roads mario:

opportunity rover, which made it 14 years, not 5, relevant xkcd: