Sending Rory to Baby Harvard

We talk about Snowplow Parenting, the weather, Rory’s inquisitiveness, and Joseph’s chonkiness. Rory reads Green Eggs & Ham.


an obituary on Hal Fishman for anyone who’s weirdly interested (I was 15 when he died, not 9. my entire childhood is one big blur to me apparently):

I cannot for the life of me find the National Geographic show with the lizard character. Someone help?

Also I’m bummed I went with the name “when would you file?” when I could have gone with “Ready Aim File”.

In-N-Out sues Puma:

Youtube shuts down comments on kids videos:

Silly letter from Principal on Momo:

Frisbee dog record breaker (doesn’t appear to be wearing a bandana, but we won’t call the cops if you don’t):


Special episode for folks curious about or already fans of Doctor Who, starring @heyitsmattbaker of Roman Circus Podcast fame and Carey’s sister Noelle.

Kyle had already gone back to DC, but we all know you’re just here for the clip of Rory at the end.

We do not know why Rory thinks Doctor Who is called “houses.”

Listen to episode #45 of the @RomanCircusPodcast to hear our guest episode with those guys!