dear rory, how are you six months old

Having Easter Sunday fall on your first half-birthday was pretty crazy. I get why Monday has been a little rough for both of us.

Being a baby is tough, but you face every day with spirited aplomb. Your determination to bite every finger and drop every celery stick on the floor is truly inspiring.


You can’t wait to crawl, and express your enthusiasm for locomotion by flipping over and kicking vigorously throughout every diaper change. Also, when we’re trying to sleep.

You’ve been invading my personal space for 15 months and 6 of them have been incredibly noisy and wet and exhausting, but they have been the best 6 months of my life.


I didn’t know I could love mornings until waking up meant seeing you smile because you were happy to see me and wanted to get up and do stuff. You make me want to get up and do stuff, too.

The bigger you get, the more of that stuff we can do. We’re going to go for walks and hunt for treasures and visit Dada at work and make beautiful things. I’ll teach you how to cook and you’ll teach me how to slow down and enjoy every moment.


I can’t wait, even though I miss my tiny, grumpy-faced newborn.

Mama loves you SO much.


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