The Birth Story I Needed to Read: Motherhood Tabutiful

Despite (because of?) the boom in mommy bloggers, it feels like there are some stories of parenthood we just aren’t supposed to tell.

Ashley Woolsey turns those taboos into beauty.  She has created a space for parents to share their voice and find support, even for the harder, messier parts of raising children.

Today my story is on Motherhood Tabutiful.


2 thoughts on “The Birth Story I Needed to Read: Motherhood Tabutiful

  1. Dear Carey,
    You have a beautiful birth story. It’s dreamy and it’s raw. It’s suffering and it’s delight. It’s dark and it’s light. If you can hold these opposing tensions with an open hand and humble heart as you raise Rory than he’ll learn who he is and know his immeasurable value in this beautiful and tragic world.
    You have a gift with words and story. Your wolf symbolism is brilliant, such a powerful visual. Keep writing!
    With love,


    • Thank you so much, Julie! Your words are so sweet and beautiful. It means so much to have you and your family in our lives and Rory’s life! We love you all. ❤️


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